5 Stages of reading a book

For my project 5 I made a 2-minute video, showing humor in the five stages of reading a book. The goal was to maintain viewer engagement through dynamic music and a funny take on my personal reading struggles.

My video is a realistic exploration of my love for reading, despite my perpetual distractions by music and my phone. To build the narrative, I employed the framework of five stages in a book’s journey, from the initial excitement to the inevitable loss of focus. The use of dynamic music was one of the main elements in enhancing the comedic aspect. I tried to build the video around the music. We can notice an increase in the speed of my actions whenever get more and more dynamic.

This video targets people who, like me, struggle with maintaining focus while reading. The humor from the relatability of the situation and the internal conflict between my love for reading and the addictiveness of my phone and music.

By keeping the video short and incorporating the number 5 as the assignment requires, I tried to engage viewers and provoke a response. But really, it was a playful attempt to bring my personal reading journey to life.

by lisa