P5 Image editing

By, Danielle Hilliard

I chose to do my image editing project on the many parks my dog Charlie and I  enjoy visiting together. He loves to play, run and hike at all the parks he has ever been to but the 5 I chose are his very favorites. This assignment was really fun for me to do, I have google photos and was able to type the names of each park in and then it shows me every picture I have taken at each park. This made selecting photos and videos very easy to do. The hard part was picking which pictures to use because I have over 1000 for each park. What can I say? I love taking pictures and videos of my dog. Charlie is the best friend ever and I enjoy park time with him. He saved me from the lowest moments of my life and changed me for the better in so many ways. Going hiking with my dog at all these beautiful parks Oregon has to offer is very healing to my soul. Nature helps me regulate my mind, body, and spirit, being outside just feels good. This is why I chose to do these five parks. They are very meaningful to me with the memories they each hold and I wanted to share that with everyone.