P5- Diaz Lady

Link to Project 5:


For project five I wanted to be ambitious and try something new. I combined two ideas together: quizzes and animation. I originally wanted to do a 2d short film of one minute, however I realized that the amount of drawing and coloring I had to do would not be possible within the time limit given.  While in the brainstorming process I created a background, sketches and filmed myself which later on helped with deciding the final outcome. 

Process for Animated Clips

  • Idea. 5 stages of life
  • Collect references that represent the five stages I had in mind.
  • Sketch the key poses for the animation
  • Refine the line work

Process for the  Quiz

  • Search for inspiration on youtube and trivia games
  • Choose color theme
  • Add copyright free  audio to match the trivia theme
  • Add voice over for timer
  • Create templates for the quiz on procreate
  • Add questions and answers

Process for  Video editing.

  • Add all files into premiere pro and arrange music and clips.
  • Adjust the speed of the countdown, correct the pitch
  • Duplicate the countdown 
  • Adjust clip time for the Hint image.

Lastly, upload the video to youtube. 

Struggle: I struggled to color 40 drawings. Changed the approach to be more productive by focusing on having clean linework. 

By Lady Diaz