Bridget Holst P5 Video

When I first heard about this project, I was excited because the number 5 means a lot to me. I was born on 5/05/2005 so I consider it to be my lucky number. I initially wanted to make something about how the number 5 means a lot to me, but I couldn’t come up with any actual ideas, so I looked at the older videos for this project from 2019 to find other ideas. I eventually came up with the idea to make a video about my 5 favorite albums. Actually picking the five albums to put in the video was also hard because I like a lot of albums. Another struggle I had was knowing what to add for audio. I initially didn’t want to add music because I know that Youtube is weird about copyrighted music but there were also no places to add sound effects and I didn’t want to talk through the entire video. I ended up going with the music anyway because I’m not making any money from the video and only about 20 people are probably going to see it. I also had a problem with the “My Top 5 Songs” for Stranger In The Alps because I used a colored background for the textboxes so that the background wouldn’t be black and for the previous three “My Top 5 Songs” there was always a song with a long enough name so that the textbox background would cover up the black background, but for this one there was still some black on the sides and if I made the font bigger the background would be big enough but the text would be cut off, after some trouble shooting the easy solution I found (that I probably should have thought of sooner) was to just add spaces after I typed the song name. Other than these issues I had a lot of fun with this project.