5 Values of Life

Image editing isn’t as easy as some may think. At least it wasn’t for me anyway. It wasn’t easy but for some reason it has been my favorite project so far. I was really able to put my own creativity and thoughts into it. The purpose of this assignment was to answer the biggest question of all, “What does 5 mean to you?” Well, I answered. My five values of life are what make me who I am today.

I’m a huge believer in Christ and my faith grows everyday with all the lessons life throws at me. I have my high school experience at Marist to thank for this because with all the school masses and retreats, it really helped me get in touch with my faith. My God is always number one in my life and I can’t express that enough.

My family is my everything because they’ve been there for me all my life. They are the people I can truly count on, my mom, dad, sister, and nephew. They mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would ever do without them.

I value Joshua so much. He’s not just my boyfriend, he is my absolute best friend. We’ve known each other since we were in high school together so he knows just about everything he can about me. He’s extremely supportive of all my dreams and he does all that he can for me. Like every couple we have our ups and down, especially right now with him being away in the Air Force. I believe that no matter what, we will always find our way back to each other.

I’ve always been told that I could dance before I could walk and that I was able to sing before I could talk. I consider music to be apart of who I am. It’s something that I’ve turned to in my darkest of moments all throughout my life. I enjoy every genre of music from Country to Rap to R&B to Disney. Music makes my heart beat.

I believe in strength. I have been through so much in my life, a lot of happiness but also a lot more of pain and suffering. The other four values are what have helped me push past the hard times to be able to still be here today. I fight everyday to continue on and I’m glad to be living once again.

By: Gabby Mujica

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