5 cute things cats do

Honestly, I just wanted to do something fun and laid back. So I thought, why not add another cat video to the internet and make it a project?

My cat  Moe mostly inspired me for this project because he’s always posing for attention at home. He constantly rolls onto his back and tries to act cute. It’s his best defense when he’s in trouble because he knows it’ll diffuse the tension from him. Or maybe not. Maybe he just likes to act adorable all the time.

Although he is cute, filming cats comes with challenges. You can’t really tell them what to do on camera like people or give them a script. I just followed Moe around the house and hoped for the best. I was able to work with him on getting an eating shot because all I had to was give him a can of cat food for it to work.

That’s is always one way to a cats heart. Food.

Overall, I just wanted to make an easygoing toned video.I think the music really helped set the mood along with my lazy cat. One thing I do wish is for some shots to be sharper. Definitely next time.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the video.

P.s; if you ever want to book Moe for a performance, just let me know.


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