W17-P5 Image Editing

What does five mean to me? This was a challenging question for me to answer. At first I was thinking about doing the five days of the week and incorporating 5 feelings somehow, but I decided to do five things that my dogs Ziggy and Sky do in their day to day life. I have been able to take many photos of each of them though. While they are doing just about anything. So, I decided to use some pictures that I had taken in the past, to make a timeline of their two years here on earth. I have had Ziggy since he were a puppy, but Sky use to live with a family member. Around when they became one, Sky came to live with Ziggy and I. I have had both of them ever since then. They just recently turned two on the 22nd of February. This was  a really fun project to put together, I enjoyed it! I didn’t realize I have had them almost two years, Time flies when you’re having fun!

By: Nieman Adams-Jackson

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