Get shredded in 2 weeks

This project I definitely had some help making. My buddy Harry, the one in the track suit is pretty good at filming and told me he would help me and star in it so it worked out pretty well. My 5 concept is the 5 parts that make a perfect corny workout video. Also excuse the language it was necessary for emotional intensity.

Step 1. Corny outfits- This step was pretty easy to achieve because the outfit being worn in the video is the actors room mates ski outfit.

Step 2. The Horrible Music- Every good workout video or informercial has some horrible rock/metal guitar behind it. It is a staple.

Step 3. Intense Graphics- Partially inspired by an example shown in class I wanted to include some sweet graphics (Flames and explosions). Really ties it together.

Step 4. Food and Diet advice- These workout videos are always trying ton push some sort of random food advice on you and sometimes you gotta just eat eggs.

Step 4. New Workout catch-This is a big one. Most every workout video or informercial likes to claim some new way to workout. So we stripped it down with a classic way to workout with a new twist.

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