LCC Campus Travel Log

Hey everyone!  Here is a brief log of important media arts locations at Lane Community College (LCC).  Enjoy…


Scavenger Hunt 037Muy importante, if you’re a media arts student.  Located on the first floor of bldg 17, this is where cameras, lighting equipment and supporting photography equipment can be checked out for projects.


Scavenger Hunt 034
This is the “Blue Cyc Wall” also located on the first floor of bldg 17.  This is part of the studio.  Looking at it, you might think, “I’d really like to try skateboarding on that thing”; probably discouraged, though, by faculty…just saying.


Scavenger Hunt 027
This is the Center for Student Engagement located on the 2nd floor of the Center bldg.  This office was closed when I snapped this picture, so I had to jump up above the privacy window to get this shot.  That’s my exercise for the week, haha.


Scavenger Hunt 066
This is the Main Art Gallery in bldg 11.  I liked this shot because of the juxtaposition of the images of the light switch and alarms to the art in the background.


Scavenger Hunt 021
This is the “Art-O-Mat” also located in bldg 11.  This brings back memories of buying cigarettes for my Dad when I was 5.  I remember it being really hard to pull those handles.  This machine is different, though.  Instead of cigarettes, it holds art…slightly more wholesome, don’t you think?


Scavenger Hunt 028
This is the Library located on the 2nd floor of the Center bldg.  Forgive the weird angle.  Tried to get creative while working around the man working at the counter off-camera on the right side of frame who didn’t wish to be photographed.


Scavenger Hunt 029.JPG
This is the large silver sculpture located in front of the Wellness Center.  Of the series, this is my favorite image.  When I took the picture I didn’t notice that a bird had decided to photobomb me in the upper right corner of the frame.


Scavenger Hunt 065
This is Mary Jo Kreindel’s office.  Yes, that is MJK’s hand.  She’s really nice.


Scavenger Hunt 069
Here are bank if Imacs in the Media Creation Lab located on the 2nd floor of the Center bldg.


Scavenger Hunt 063
Here’s Judy Gate’s office located on the 2nd floor bldg 11.


Scavenger Hunt 031
This is the “Commons” area of bldg 17.  Attached to this room are faculty offices and the “Indy Lab”.  These students are collaborating vigorously on a project.  Impressive.


Scavenger Hunt 071
Here are the flags located in the lobby of bldg 1.


Scavenger Hunt 058
Didn’t find any interesting construction, so opted for the turkey shot.  This fella was nice enough to puff up for me.

I hope you enjoyed the travel log.  Bye for now.

By A. H. Norton


4 thoughts on “LCC Campus Travel Log

  1. Joey Hart

    awesome shot of the art gallery and the light switch, fire alarm, and speaker. It tells a story, and well, very evenly arranged.


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