Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane


 The equipment checkout counter, located in building 17, is where Media Arts students can check out gear such as DSLR cameras, camera lenses, audio equipment, lighting equipment, etc.


IMG_0374 The studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall is located in building 17 on the bottom level. You’ll see it every day in your Image Communication class.


20160406_165200 The Center for Student Engagement is located in the Center building and interesting fact about this place is…IDK, you tell me.


IMG_0319 The main Art Gallery on campus is located in building 11.


IMG_0317 This retro looking thing is called The Art-O-Mat and is easily overlooked in building 11.


IMG_0311 Ask this guy for help at the SHED Student Help Desk in the library found in the Center building.


IMG_0330 This large silver sculpture sits outside of the Health and Wellness building and serves as a great mirror to check your hair or smile on your way to class.


IMG_0325 This empty desk is usually occupied by Mary Jo Kreindel, the Art division office specialist. Her office is located in building 11.


IMG_0308 Media Creation Lab is in  the Center building and is outfitted with Macs equipped with many multimedia applications.


IMG_0377 Judy Gates’s office is on the 2nd floor of building 11. She is the advisor for Media Arts.


IMG_0359 The Indy lab is located on the 2nd floor of building 17. 


IMG_0334 This beautiful building is The Students First building and it brings frustration to many as students wait for financial aid advising and class counseling.


IMG_0350 This is a turkey. Be prepared to share the sidewalk with turkeys. It’ll be weird at first. You’ll  get use to it.


By: Jeffery King Osborns



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