Adventures at LCC

On my first stop I found the Equipment Checkout.  I even checked out a camera on Friday.  Those folks are really nice.

Scavenger Hunt 032
Here’s the Blue Cyc Wall.  It’s in building 17 and I am ready to do a shoot!

This was closed when we went there.  So I guess this is pretty literal.

I found the main art gallery in building 11.

This is a cool little retro thing that I have never seen before.

Again I can be pretty literal.  This is on the second floor of the center building.

DSCN0666 DSCN0667

Here is the sculpture outside the Health and Wellness building.  I had a little fun with this.

This is the hand of Mary Jo Kreindel.  She is very nice but I guess she just doesn’t like having her picture taken.  My husband has the exact photo in his hunt.

We found Ms. Gate’s office in building 11.  She was not there.

Here’s where the cool kids in Media Arts hang out.

Building 1, Students First

A meeting of the feathers!

By Melissa Norton

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