Dangerous Scavenger Hunt for Media Students at Lane


The equipment Checkout where media students can try out fun stuff!


The Blye Cyc Wall is pretty cool I guess. I don’t know.


The Center for Student Engagement! I have yet to actually visit there.


This art piece was found dead in building 17 in the Art Gallery. That’s a warning.


The Art-O-Mat is right next to the Art Gallery.



Here is the library where people go to do work, yay!



This is a panorama view of the inside of the large silver sculpture outside of the Health and Wellness building.













This is the Division of the Arts offices, home to Mary Jo Kreindel.


This showcases what the Media Creation Lab is all about. It’s located in the library near the entrance. Not many students are in here, so it’s mostly quiet.


The media academic advisor, Judy Gates. She’s really nice and will be happy to help you figure out scheduling.


This is the Indy Lab located in the Commons Area, which is inside building 17 on the second floor. It’s a very cool hangout spot for media arts students. It is also home to the offices of many media arts instructors. There’s usually always someone to help.


These are the flags inside building 1.


These are the dreaded turkeys that roam across the campus. Be prepared to see them often and please respect them. They’re just trying to live their lives, like us.


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