Resources for Media Arts students at Lane Community College

Equipment checkout


                                                                                                                                       Equipment checkout counter. Students go here to get the equipment they need for their media classes.

Blue Cyc wall

This is the studio with the “blue CYC wall.” I think it’s interesting that the school has a wall like this.

Center for student engagement

This is the Center For Student Engagement. Students can go in here to work on their assignments.

Art Gallery

This is a picture of part of the art gallery. I really like the angle of this picture and the detail of the artwork.

Art O Mat

This is a machine called the Art-O-Mat. The machine says if you put five dollars in it you will get to keep a small piece of artwork.


The library is a place for students to checkout books and research information for their classes.


 This is the silver Sculpture Located over by the health and wellness building.

Mary Jo Kreindel's

 This is Mary Jo Kreindel’s office. Students can go to her with their questions and concerns.  

Media creations labJPGThe media creations lab is located in the library. Students can go in here to work on projects using mac computers.

Judy Gates officeThis is Judy Gates office. She is is the advisor for media arts students.
Indy Lab

This is the Indy lab located in building 17. Many students go here to work on their projects and get help from tutors.

FlagsThese are the flags located in building 1. If you look at them you will notice they are all from different parts of the world.

Turkey shot

This is a close up picture of a turkey. In this picture you can see the detail in the turkeys feathers.

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