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Professional Practice X4 – Nitro Circus


May 7th, 2016- Autzen Stadium @bradyygreyy

Nitro Circus- 05-07-2016

What Was The Event?

On May 7th, 2016 I had the chance to go to a Nitro Circus event at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. This event was the perfect opportunity for me to do this project and also to have the chance to get to watch professional FMX,   Skateboarding, and even a guy nicknamed “Wheelz” in his wheel chair do crazy, and dangerous stunts. Hopefully to give you guys a better idea of what nitro circus is, I’m going to try and explain it in a way of witch I experienced it. What was interesting to me is that this event in Eugene was one of their largest stops on their North American tour. Half of Autzen stadium was filled with 17,000 people. Waiting for these crazy athletes too perform crazy unseen stunts. I was pretty excited, and I honestly could not wait any longer for it to start.

I was also excited to see “Aaron” as known as “Wheelz”, and “Street Bike Tommy” because they were really the only original nitro circus crewmembers that I recognized from the nitro videos and movies that I have watched/seen. “Wheelz” is a friend of Travis Pastrana that does crazy unknown stunts with his wheelchair. “Wheelz” is the first guy to turn his disability (Spina Bithia) into an ability that will pioneer an all-new extreme sport. Mostly everyone here was new to the freestyle crew for the nitro team. They were all really good and did some amazing stunts, but it would have been cooler if all the original guys were their. The FMX riders did all the known tricks or freestyle such as the “superman”, the “whip”, and the “backflip”. It was also fun to see the skateboarders and BMX guys do their stunts and tricks, street bike tommy (the speaker) did name all the tricks, but when having too much fun, I honestly forgot them all.


Nitro Circus Blog – Eugene, OR @nitrocircus

The speaker of Nitro Circus (Street Bike Tommy as they call him) was great as well. He really kept the crowd engaged to what was going on, and to what they were doing. He spoke with enthusiasm, and excitement. Letting everyone know a little known information on how they come up with the stunt, as well the effects of it if they did it wrong. He really brought the crowd to an overall involvement. For one stunt he asked for thee Volunteers, two of them would ride with “Beau Bamburg” a local FMX rider from Beaverton, Oregon to do a backflip with him and the two volunteers on the back. The good news is that the stunt overall turned out to be successful, as the volunteers when for it. Although street bike Tommy made them sine wavers as well as shows them pervious footage fatal events that happened when this stunt was performed in the past. As for the last volunteer, he as well did a backflip, but on a bmx bike. I can’t remember the bmx, freestyle riders name all that great, but all in all this stunt turned out the same. Thankfully know one was hurt in either one of them. The three brave souls that they picked did get to keep the FMX gear that was provided for their safety as an award for entraining the crowd.

The overall presentation seemed to be great to see. For people that are into this type of media/professional practice like me, it was a overall fun, and great time. I thought this would the overall a great way in showing a professional practice that in someway showed activity towards media. Too bad they wouldn’t let me fly my drone for a video.


By: Brady Grey




Professional Practices Portfolio Workshop


For my assignment I went to a workshop that taught me how to make a portfolio. A portfolio is similar to a resume but instead of giving a summary of your strengths and abilities it shows the work you can do. A portfolio is usually kept on a file or on a disk and you never stop adding your work to it. You can think of a portfolio as a tree. In a portfolio you take out the old work that wasn’t as successful and you bring in the new work that was successful. When you do this your actually building a package with your resume and portfolio that shows why you are the best candidate for the job. During the workshop there were many speakers that came in and discussed the importance of having a good portfolio. In Adams speech he discussed the aspect of presenting yourself as a media professional. He explained that when you present your portfolio you want to highlight your work by explaining what it is your good at. He also mentioned the importance of keeping your portfolio organized. When you organize your portfolio you want to make it easy for your interviewer to find what they are looking for. For example, if you are applying for a job as an editor your work of editing should be the first thing your interviewer finds when looking at your portfolio. Another thing that’s important when presenting a portfolio is being honest about your work. If you work on a project with a group then you have to explain that it was a group project and what your piece of the project was.

The next speaker in the workshop was Tom and he explained the importance of branding yourself. The part that caught my attention in his speech was when he said “the public has no patience for you.”If the interviewer is even the slightest bit confused on your portfolio they will tell you no.”What this means is that you have to make your work clear enough so that the interviewer isn’t questioning what you were trying to accomplish. You also have to get straight to the point on your work because as Tom said “the public has no patience for you.” Tom also mentions in his speech that you have to use a consistent look with your portfolio. You have to make sure to not over design your portfolio with too many things going on at once. He explains that it’s okay to have white space in your portfolio as long as you get the point your making across to the viewer.

The next speaker was a former graphic design student named Char. She explained her job working in the media field and ways that you can showcase your work. When you work on a portfolio you have to show your own creative style to it and also make it look professional. She also explained that it’s good to show a variety of work you can do in your portfolio. For example, if your specialty is in graphic design and you also do photography make sure to leave a space in your portfolio showing those skills. You also have to be passionate about your work and showcase it by explaining why your passionate about it. Overall, I’m glad that i went to the portfolio workshop. I learned valuable skills that I can use when I start making a portfolio like how to design, present, and organize it.


Craigslist Guy

A month or so ago, I had responded to an ad that had a nice Nikon camera for sale.  The advertisement was bright and well written.  Pictures of the camera were very nice, and absolutely didn’t look like a normal thrown together add.  It was weeks later after the purchase that I realized this craigslist guy was a perfect candidate for my professional practice.I had contacted him, and asked for an interview over the internet. Setting aside a few questions that I personally wanted to know, and that also would be helpful for anyone in the Multimedia design world.

His name is Colin Houck.  A current student at LCC studying political science, also studing marketing and photo journalism at the University of Oregon.  Currently he owns and runs his own photography business from home, and goes on specific shoots for various clients.  My first question for him was; When did you fall for photography? “At about 9 years old, in my grandparents garage,” Colin replied.  His love for photography unfolded literally within a collection of National Geographic magazines.  These images and stories had opened up a whole new world for him and was the initial spark that remains to light his passion today.

Next I wanted a simple follow-up from the first question. Why do you love it?  “Well?” Colin contemplated.  “I love story telling, and the way we can captivate in a visual method.”  He explained that this was especially true in still imagery.  We discussed how video is very similar, yet so much different then photography.  That video does seem to dominate most of our media, but photography still holds something special.  “It offers us a frozen moment of time, where a viewer creates their own space, for a more meditative experience, ” he explained.  That quote in itself took me back, and I truly knew I was talking with an artist.

Who inspires you? I asked.  “People inspire me.”  He describes the articles from various magazines are what stand out the most.  It was their documentation and experiences of the world that drew him in further.  Specifically in the seventies and eighties, National Geographic had published a lot of articles and stories of rural america.  Those articles, and especially the images, really stuck with him.   “I can’t really put my finger on why, but salt of the earth types fascinate me to this day.”

At this point in our conversation, I had been transcended by the way he views what I thought was just a job.  It was and is, so much more!  He really loves it by the way he articulates every word.  I feel so much more inspired by our conversation, to truly push that harder in my own work. How about traveling and living abroad?  “I spent all of my late teens and twenties living a carefree life, galavanting around the country and half the world.” We both shared a similar upbringing and by our early adulthood, I suppose you could say, we just wanted to travel and live on the breaths of wind.   Floating around the world and back.  The only difference between our dreams of this lifestyle is, Colin, actually did!  But settling and establishing strong roots is the path he is taking now.  “Right now, I am focused on finishing my degree, and growing my business.” Colin said.

I wanted to finish this conversation with a very open and vague question.  Advice for people who want to become a photographer?  “As for advice all I can say is to keep at it.”  Don’t get discouraged when photo editors or clients don’t come beating down your door.  Keep putting yourself out there, network, attend workshops and conferences, apply for grants, scholarships, internships, competitions etc.  The more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll get back.  It was all this advice that really stuck with me from talking with Colin.  Of course I have heard all this advice many times, and from many different people.  But this time it actually stuck, I had seen his work, could feel the passion thru his words, and mostly he was actually, LIVING IT!  Letting his photography speak for him, and never stopping.  That relentless spirit is something I have always admired.  I am forever thankful for finding him thru craigslist, and stars do seem to align in the strangest ways.  His advice will stick with me forever, and inspire me to always push forward in life.

Notary 5


I had a lot of great plans for this project. However, we could not get Premiere to work at home so we were really pressed for time. We’d been sick also so I basically started on the last day we had to work on it. I was plugging along ok, then ran into some technical difficulties, things got deleted, etc.

Well enough of the excuses. When I thought “5” I remember when I was a notary. It sounds silly but it was really satisfying to draw a perfect 5. I even had a voice over recorded talking about that satisfaction. You have to find the little pleasures where you can when you work in an office. I was going to demonstrate that (working for an evil corporation) by putting in a picture of the Death Star and play the Darth Vader music.

It was going to end with the picture of May 5 and I had another voice over that said “May was the best”.

This project could have been really fun if I had a better handle on the technology. I guess it makes me excited for the final project now that I know a little more about it.

By Melissa Norton

What Does The Number “5” Mean to You?

What an intriguing question.  The number 5 symbolizes man. It represents half of 10. It’s how many fingers you have (hopefully) on one hand and, who knows, maybe it’s the meaning of life.  All I know is that it represented a uniquely nested series of poop sandwiches that culminated in a very nasty case of indigestion that is this assignment.  That said, it was fun.

I wanted to explore the question of “5” in a more theatrical way, but resources and time pushed me in a more traditional direction.  I filmed this in a single take with a DSLR Canon T5i with an 18-55 zoom lens mounted on a tripod while I also filmed b-roll with my iPhone 6.  Unfortunately, the iPhone footage didn’t make the cut, but the idea was to cut different shots from the iPhone footage into the T5i footage, then sync up the sound in post.  I thought this would add some edginess to the finished product.  I think it would have, if I could have had a little more time.

In a side note:  In this clip Melissa appears to speak very openly about her brother.  I want to underscore that Melissa is an actress who was improvising a scene.  She loves her brother very much.


By A. H. Norton


My Family of five Generations


For my project I decided to do five generations of my family. My cousin recently had a baby so I thought it would be fun to make a video showing the five generations. My plan was to start with my granny who is 97 years old and end the video with the baby who is about 4 weeks old. Everyone started their interview by showing their hand and telling their name, age, and their generation. I began the next part of my video by asking everyone what they liked to do for fun. Then I video taped them doing an activity that interested them. For example, my granny likes to sew, so I recorded a video of her sewing and zoomed in on her hands doing the activity. The hardest part was getting a video of the baby. The baby wasn’t in a good mood, so we had to wait for the baby to calm down before taking the video. Once the baby was calm I was able to get a video of the baby’s hand and even a picture of my granny and the baby. I showed everyones hands in the beginning and end of the video because i thought it would be a good idea to show my family from the oldest generation to the youngest. I really enjoyed making this video because I got to spend some time with my family and it was fun video taping them.




Project 5 was challenging. It was hard to come up with a concept surrounding the theme “FIVE.” Also, not physically being in the video created another obstacle.

Here at Lane CC, I’ve been working with the Torch newspaper. As a photojournalist, I was given a photo assignment to cover the Donal Trump rally and protests on May 6 at the Lane Events Center. I equipped myself with a press pass and my Canon T5 with multiple lenses. I also checked out, from media checkout, a Gopro to mount onto my cap to get some video footage for the Torch’s online media.

It was surreal to attend Trump’s rally. About four thousand supporters were present in the convention center. Surrounding  the events center were over five thousand protesters and there was tension in the atmosphere the the entirety of the event. Hopeful Republican nominee, Donald Trump did a terrific job pandering to the audience and escalating the differences between supporters, protesters and the press. This lead to minor conflict on surrounding blocks of the convention center. It was a high tension, yet peaceful protest on Eugene’s behalf.


After a night that resembled an episode of the classic cartoons Animaniacs or Bonkers, I made it home in one piece. My next task was to produce a video clip under 2 minutes in length. With over 300 photos and 90 minutes of video footage of the night, it was difficult to trim down to 2 minutes, however I managed. I used Adobe Premier for post production. This was my first time using this program and I navigated Premier with little trouble. For future projects, I will build on my skills with audio fades and effects, titles, and organization. For this project I went with the theme of five facts to know when covering a Donald Trump rally. Watch my video if you’d like to know my valuable insight.

Thank you.


Jeffery King Osborns


Inspired by the power of FIVE

Wow what an adventure in editing. This is my first attempt at video production and it was way more work than I expected. All the shots I wanted vs all the shots I actually got, well lets just say there was a big difference.I wanted to have a group of five , playing five card stud, and someone wins with with five fives. I know there are only four fives per deck of cards, but that was not the issue. Getting five people to get together for an hour that matches the time I am available was the biggest issue. So that idea got minimized to dealing out the cards, which worked out okay. Another idea was to have my little one to roll five dice and get five fives in a roll. That was a long time waiting for a roll that never came. She rolled fours, threes, twos multiple times but no fives. I tried to edit a clip together of a roll then before they stopped completely put in five fives, but that had too much shift to look good so it got left out. I did enjoy spending time getting multiple shots of the same set up with the thought of editing them together. Different angles really make a difference in the idea and feel of the overall video. Most did not make the cut, two minutes is really short when you start putting 50 plus clips together.

5 things my cousin does for fun.

When I was thinking of ideas for this project I had a couple of ideas that did not work out, My cousin was helping with those ideas and I thought that I could film him being wacky and playing like he does everyday. He enjoyed helping me and had lots of fun, being wacky is his specialty. I wanted to show some of the things he does when he is bored or when he is done with his homework. I was using a T5 from checkout and it worked out great but I noticed I had a bit of shaky cam when editing the video. In at least three of my clips i’m shaking and it infuriates me! I was trying so hard to not shake but it translates poorly. Even with that I had fun clipping everything together and putting some fitting audio in with each scene. I feel like I could edit very well but i’m not to sure about the filming. With more practice I think I could get used to editing videos and I enjoy it but whether they would be my videos or someone else that did the filming remains to be seen. Hopefully I get a job someday that I get a chance to edit more.

Princess Pom Pom

With this project i was in charge of coming up with a idea for a video and actually tape it. I decided to make a anime inspired piece with all the cheesy stereotypes of a sailor moon cartoon. I had the cute heroine in her pink costume played by my friend Britney. I had an evil villain named Bob, who is the digital drawing group mascot. Bob was voiced by Allen Thomson. Allen also helped with lighting and some camera work, so that was awesome of him. then we have the cute future child of our two characters Bob Jr. Who came back from 5×3 years in the future voiced by me. This project was a lot of work but in the end it was really fun. I got to test out my lighting skills though it was on the spot. There are some places that i would have liked to change. I’m actually really happy with the product even if there are mistakes. I kept a pink light on Princess pompom the whole time to give a kind of magical essences about her. I changed the lighting on Bob a lot to show his different emotions much like in a manga. I hope you guys loved the cheesy story guys tell next time MAC OUT!