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I’m Isabella FM. I’m currently enrolled in Lane community college to earn a transfer degree in psychology, due to my fascination with neuroscience and sociology. I’m taking media arts because that was the degree I was initially interested in. *I wanted to be an animator and work for Pixar or something. So I’m curious to see how this class will unfold and see if it sparks past passions that have slowly faded over time. I still wouldn’t mind that career path but becoming a therapist is also a path I wouldn’t mind going down, so I’m at a fork in the road when it comes to planning my future and career.

A little about me, I spend my free time either reading a book or on a hunt for a new one. I adore tea, *the stuff you drink, not gossip, so I have a tendency to spend my time in a tea shop reading. I’m a barista and I have two jobs so I’m a fairly busy person. I’m introverted so I like to spend my time in a quiet warm place. I like to travel as well; the most exciting place I’ve been to is Greece. I have a cat named Bergamot who is always by my side when I’m home.
I think that’s just enough to share about myself to get a good feel of who I am.

Books I recently finished or am reading: – Carmilla: Josph Sheridan Le Fanu – My year of rest and relaxation: Ottessa Moshfegh – Play it as it Lays: Joan Didion -Emotional intelligence: Travis Bradburry & Jean Greaves

P.S I also own a cat named Bergamot and if you are into astrology I’m a Cancer.

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  1. hughest

    Isabella, Great post…shows good writing…an interesting life! Can’t wait to see what you do.

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