The lion and the mouse

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Audio: used by Anura

I choose to do this story because my initial plan ended up getting ruined to unfortunate events. My plan was to make not necessarily a story but like a guided mediation. I listen to sleepcasts when I go to bed and when I found out about this project I was planning on making my own. I was going to take the listener on a peaceful journey of walking through a garden, describing the flowers, their own symbolism, and to create a peaceful garden that one could close their eyes and be transported there. I would have added relaxing music like what you would here in a spa and record the birds outside my window so it would be peaceful and include nature. But then I got sick. And trust me I tried to make a satisfying audio and it was terrible. The whole video concept revolved around being soothing and peaceful and my voice was just not cutting it. So I went with my backup plan which is the fable story that was one of my favorites as a kid which was the Lion and the mouse. I’m pretty sure that the reason this story is one of my favorites is the fact that none of the animals died within the story, that the Lion and the Mouse lived happily ever after and benefited from each other while having a lesson to be learned. It was fun fiddling around with the audio and sound effects. There are two sound effects the lions roar and a ripping of cloth which is actually magazines rolled up. This audio is the best out of all of them, no coughing or hoarseness in my voice is present from what I can tell. This project was interesting and it was a little overwhelming to figure out how to use the editing but I got the basics down.