I Was Created Today

This project was a lot of fun! Coming up with the premise was fairly easy for me, I don’t know why but I thought it would be funny to have a little scribble/doodle come into consciousness, be forced to sing, and if they don’t they’ll be destroyed. While being confused along the way. The song “I Was Created Today,” ended up writing itself. 

Just sing about how confused the scribble/doodle is about the world!

I wish I knew how to play instruments or create instrumentals but I don’t know how to, yet, and the song had to be sung a cappella. Despite this, I still think the song came out fairly decent. In the future, I would love to take this audio, fix it up a bit, make it crisper, and animate it. Since that’s what I wanted to do originally. (Completely forgot this was an “audio” only project.) I’d also like to create a better “scribble” when it does become animated. 

After the first scribble gets shredded it was supposed to end there, but in a cruel twist, the “drawer,” created another “scribble” and instead of singing, it played an instrument. Which the “drawer” likes and the new scribble gets to live. Hurray?

By Kay