The Lion and The Mouse

For this assignment, I wanted to create a narration of a short Aesop’s Fable called “The Lion and the Mouse”. I had never heard of this Aesop’s Fable, so I decided to create an audio to learn about the story. I listened to the story with audio, researched what kind of mood the story should have, and chose the music I used for the background. For this assignment, I recorded it straight to my laptop.

I enjoyed this project. The stories were fun to read. I recorded it many times, trying to figure out how to make it easier to listen to. Finding sound effects was not too difficult for me. The sound effect I created is called “sleep. I chose this song because I think the image of fairy tales is often read when putting children to bed.

I found the song from a place called Ccmixter listed on Free Media Resources. The song was full and over 3 minutes long and also had a woman’s whispering voice in it. I wanted to keep the song alone so I cut out the whispers in places and narrowed it down to about a minute to fit my story. I think I found the perfect balance between narration and music. The hardest part for me was the narration. I am a learner of English, so I still have trouble with pronunciation and intonation, and the breaks between sentences were also difficult. The story I searched on the internet had an audio recording, so I listened to it and imitated it. I still need more practice, but I used the one that worked best out of the many recordings I made.

by Madoka Shimmyo