I am excited…

I am excited to be starting both the Multimedia Design program here at Lane and my 4th year in Eugene, OR. My partner and I moved out this way from Tallahassee, FL when she chose to pursue her Economics PhD through the University of Oregon. Oddly enough I was a ‘PacificNorthwesterner’ by birth, but I spent most of my early years in Savannah, GA with my 4 younger brothers.

four boys stand with mother, one wears a graduation cap
BottomLeft Clockwise: Oliver, Henry, Maureen, William, Greyson, Ezra

I currently work as an IT Manager at Twenty Ideas, 20i is a software company in downtown Eugene. Before 20i I worked at Imagination International Inc, an art supply distributor, where I worked alongside engineers, photographers, designers, and many more great people. My favorite parts of my job are helping teams to reduce stress, focus on what matters, and work together harmoniously.

When I’m not at work or school you may find me cycling/longboarding about town, enjoying a tasty beverage & book at the Barn Light, or climbing the leader-board of a competitive FPS. I love Eugene’s rich farmland and am often seeking delicious produce at the farmers’ markets. I’m a voracious reader and love learning new things.

I would love to use the experiences gained from the media arts program to create, refine, and amplify positive patterns. Multimedia arts is an exciting creative field that will continue growing as multimedia experiences become richer and accessible to more people worldwide. I haven’t the faintest idea of what area or specialty I will pursue when I finish. I plan only to give my whole heart to every one and see where things go.

I’m excited to begin collaborating with everyone, especially those of you who are also in the Multimedia Design program and/or its courses.

Thanks for reading!


man's face under neon lights spanning the ceiling

P.S. I have a hard time writing as my thoughts are usually racing along a mile a millisecond. John Keats wrote, “The only means of strengthening one’s intellect is to make up one’s mind about nothing — to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts.” I doubt he anticipated how chaotic our modern ‘thoroughfares’ could become.

I’m all too often caught in a passing detail and whisked off along all the routes that train of thought may take. It often feels like my conscious attention is an infinite roll of paper that variably speeds along in front of me. No sooner have I finished drawing up a perfect picture of a situation or concept before it’s fading out of sight.

9 thoughts on “I am excited…

  1. hughest

    Glad you moved from Eugene and are now in Media Arts! I liked the layout of your post. It was easy to read and follow. Nice pic.

  2. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    Hey glad I got to be in a group with you on the first day Greyson, you seem like an very interesting person. As a fellow long boarder Eugene is a great place to just ride around in. As a fellow gamer, I can appreciate a good FPS. Thanks for sharing about yourself and your family. The pictures are also very nice. Thanks!

    1. Greyson Yant

      Thanks Alex,

      I got into long-boarding as I kept getting flat tires on my bike! I enjoy boarding in Eugene as the climate is nice and most of the city is flat. I also did most of my traveling by board, bike, or walking in the last 7 years before moving to Eugene! Maybe we’ll get to incorporate it in a project sometime, being careful to leave the pricey gear out of harms way.

      I look forward to our future collaborations!

    1. Greyson Yant

      Thank you Kaitlynn and right back at yah!

      I am in awe over your gorgeous Moon 2019 photo. I’m always fascinated by the calm of night and the unique scenes created by its muted light. However, I’ve always struggled to take good photos in the dark or of celestial objects. Your moon shot inspires me to keep at it and learn the techniques of low-light photography.

      Wishing you a most successful journey through the programs and onward into future adventures in stop-motion and puppeteering!


  3. Brian McCalla

    Sounds like you have a lot of experience in the Media Arts department. I like how you focus on stress reduction too. Have you taken the Human Relations At work class here at Lane? That class offers great information relating to that topic. I hope you have a great term and enjoy the program.


    1. Greyson Yant

      Thank you Brian,

      I had not heard of that class, but I’ll definitely look it up and see if it will qualify for one of my electives in this program. 🙂

      Hope you have a good time with Media Arts and this term as well!

      Peace and long life,



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