F19-P1 About Me By: (Alex Wirrick-Coad)

Hello everyone, I’m Alex. I also go by my middle name Walker considering how many people are named Alex in the world. I’m really into photography and have already taken some classes with Teresa before, so I already have some understanding of the basics that we are covering during this class. I try my hardest to do new things and make my photos better than the previous ones. During my free time I am making music, with my girlfriend, or just being completely lazy and wasting my time on the computer playing video games. I’m incredibly free going and relaxed to the point it might look like Im bored, but trust me, I’m paying close attention. Before taking these classes I was working on my general studies and also working towards a culinary degree. I finally decide (with some help from others) that photographing food would be more fun than getting yelled at for making it. I still love cooking for my family and friends and always strive to make myself better. The thing I hope to do after finishing the multimedia program would be to either transfer to the UFO or work as a freelance photographer or journalist. Still thinking about all that so I’ll get back to you. I hope that I can create some great friendships with you all and also learn some new things from you. I really hope we get to create some cool things together that we can look at and very proud of.
-Alex Wirrick-Coad

3 thoughts on “F19-P1 About Me By: (Alex Wirrick-Coad)

  1. Audrey Scully


    The photos that you chose for your bio are splendid, great composition and color! I love food, and used to be a cake decorator for a couple years. Get in on some freelance work while you’re still in school too, theres lots of options out there! I can not wait to see more of your photos and hear more stories.


  2. Teresa Hughes

    Nice post, Alex.
    An easy read that flows well with good info about yourself. Glad you switched from culinary to MM. You are a talented photographer. I can’t wait to see/hear what you do with the audio project in this class since you enjoy making music. Be sure to proofread your writing, as you have two errors…Should read “…finally decided” … and UO rather than UFO (unless you were being funny).

  3. Greyson Yant

    Howdy Alex,

    I too am waiting for the UFO, so please message me upon its arrival lest I miss it! 🙂

    I enjoyed the gallery layout of your images and the serene landscape photos. Whereabouts where the lake and waterfalls shots captured?

    I resounded with your statements about putting your best effort forward when trying new things. And I greatly appreciate the calm awareness you bring to the classes we share, it does not come off as a “boring” demeanor at all.

    I’m happy to share tales from restaurant adventures to further reinforce your decision to pivot away from a culinary degree. And I wish you the best of successes in the program and your future photography careers.

    Here’s to creating some cool things together in the program!



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