Hopes and Dreams

Moon 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Kaitlynn . I am currently enrolled at Lane Community College as a Multimedia Design student. Right now my goals are to finish at Lane Community College and go to a university that may help me get into the fields I want to be in. I love to draw, take photos, play with the adobe programs, sculpt, do videos, and basically anything that has to do with creating. I also love anything that is high fantasy with a dark atmosphere to it. Some examples of that would be stuff like The Dark Crystal, Lord Of The Rings, Sweeney Todd, Coraline, and Mirror Mask. I am heavily influenced by all of those examples and that reflected in most of my creations.

Me and 9
Me and 9

My goals for the future are to work on stop motion animation projects and puppeteering projects. My favorite styles of movies are all the ones created by LAIKA, Jim Henson or inspired by Jim Henson, and Tim Burton. One day it would be my dream to be able to work on a project similar to those styles or even work on a Tim Burton, LAIKA, or a Jim Henson movie. I love to create and I love the stress of a project. So in the meantime, I am trying to learn as much as possible to achieve my goals.

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