a melody that no one can ignore

I’m having a real hard time trying to come up with a fun and cool way to start this post without just saying, like, “Hi! I’m Amanda,” so, instead of being witty and interesting:


I’m Amanda!

I’m a multimedia major here at LCC. Last year, I was a film major, so I’ve already taken a few classes further along the first-year course, but I changed my mind and looped back around to give media arts a shot.

For my entire life, I’ve fancied myself an artist and a storyteller. I’ve bounced back and forth between wanting to be an author, a musician, a film director, a comic book artist, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera… But, seriously, no matter what, I’ve got stories to tell, and I’m gonna tell them. That’s why I think media arts will be a good place for me! My dream right now is to found a multimedia production company and have a place for my friends and me to work on projects together, but I’m sure I’ll be on something else in a couple of weeks.

Outside of college, I’m a big podcast nerd and a HUGE cat person. I like to sit in my room and listen to audio dramas and cuddle with my most beloved, sweetest, whiniest, babiest kitty cat, Snickers. I also draw all sorts of stuff and I’m (slowly) learning to play the piano!!

OH, OH, ALSO: I feel like it’s probably worth mentioning that I primarily use they/them pronouns! (“Amanda is an artist. They like to draw and their art is pretty good sometimes. Please be kind to them and give them lots of chocolate.”) She/her pronouns don’t bother me too much if that’s hard to remember, but it’d mean a lot to me if you’d use they/them instead!

8 thoughts on “a melody that no one can ignore

  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    Hey Amanda! I really enjoyed learning more about your life and you in general. I also love the photos, the sunset looks incredible, and the awesome kitty cat makes me smile. Thanks for sharing! -Alex

  2. Joe Hendrickson

    Hey Amanda I love your kitty! I am also a huge cat person. Cats are the best pet. Oh ya and what kind of chocolate do you like?

    1. Amanda

      Agreed 100%!!! I actually just adopted a kitten with my sibling recently; I’ve gotta find a way to shoehorn a picture of him into one of my posts… >:3

      I like most chocolate, but especially Reese’s! Chocolate and peanut butter just can’t be beat.

  3. hughest

    Your personality really comes through this post..nice job! Thanks for sharing all these great things about you. Sounds like you have a lot of interests and a lot of talent in many areas, which shows me that you aren’t afraid to “jump right in”! Perfect for the media field, especially. Thank you for letting us know your pronouns and for understanding if “we” miss that at times.

  4. Kyler Beneke

    Hey Amanda! Im loving the kitten! I will definitely remember the pronouns thing for ya! Feel free to chit chat any time!


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