Resources for Students at LaneCC

Good day to you all who are reading this. When I first got to Lane I didn’t know about a lot of the resources I know about now. So, here are 12 resources at Lane that you can use and a bonus of the Turkeys fighting so loud that 5 people came to investigate.


The Equipment Checkout Counter in Building 18. You can walk right through the front doors and see it.


When you find Equipment Check Out, you can look up and see a classroom that secretly holds a blue screen set.


If you venture to the second floor of Center Building you’ll find the Center for Student Engagement. If you get lost, or need help, someone there can usually help you figure it out. They also have free popcorn.


One of my favorite places to visit on campus is the Main Art Gallery in Building 11. You can always find beautiful art, that’s different each term.


One other nice thing you’ll find there is Student Artist Books in our Art-O-Mat in the same building,


If you venture into the Library you might find a worker gasping over the amount of overdue books I have.


On Lane’s Campus we have a lot of art, one of the pieces is really cool it stand in, just for this view. It’s next to Building 30


If you ever find yourself lost as to which classes to take, right next to the Art-O-Mat is The Art Division Office.


If you need to use Adobe Software at Lane, look no further then the Library’s Media Creation Lab.


If you are a Media Arts Student, you’ll need to know Judy Gates, and you’ll quickly see all of her cute ducks. You can find her in Building 11.


In Building 18 You’ll see Teresa Hughes monster art collection, she will also get you a co-op and possibly a job.


In building One You can find the Student Unions, Student Government, and the Multicultural Center.


And if you go to lane you’ll know we’re the Titans, but honestly we should be the Turkeys.


Author: Rick Williams 

2 thoughts on “Resources for Students at LaneCC

  1. Daegan Cornelius

    Love the creative angles of your photos, and I find it clever that you had a video for your construction shot.

  2. Dom Moulton

    Love the close-up angles many of your photos have! I also really enjoyed the video you captured; it was a very opportunistic video that turned out funny.

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