Exploring The Media Arts Resources at LCC with Jacob Adams

This Lane Community original series has Jacob Adams traveling to extraordinary locations around the campus to sample what Lane has to offer their Media Arts Students.

1) Equipment checkout counter

In building 18, Jacob gets to work with advanced equipment as part of the media program.

2) The Blue Cyc Wall

Jacob makes a stop at production studio A to take a look at the infamous “Blue Cyc Wall”.

3) Center for Student Engagement

Jacob a student himself engages with fellow students at the Center for Student Engagement.

4) The Main Art Gallery

On a daily trip through Lane’s campus, Jacob explores the local artists featured in the main Art Gallery.

5) The Art-O-Mat

In a return trip to the main Art Gallery, Jacob looks through the Art-O-Mat vending machine.

6) The Reference Counter

Jacob makes an eye-opening stop at the Reference counter in the Library.

7) Lane’s Large Silver Sculpture

On another trip through Lane’s campus, Jacob takes a look at a large silver sculpture sitting outside of the Health & Wellness building.

8) Cas’s Office (LCC Arts Division)

Jacob meets with Cas at the Arts division Offices from within the Building 11.

9) Media Creation Lab

Jacob tests his creative skills from within the Media Creation Lab located in the Center building.

10) Nathan Roberts’ Office

Jacob speaks about his media classes with Nathan Roberts, the new advisor for the Media Arts program.

11) Teresa’s Office

In building 18, Jacob looks for Teresa at her office but later converses about upcoming media events with fellow MUL 101 students.

12) The Students First Building

During his return trip from his travels, Jacob starts a scholarship, reviews his financial statements, and speaks with a financial advisor from within The Students First building.

13) A Creative Shot

Jacob’s adventure through the Lane Community College campus was one to remember and hopefully opened the eyes of the students around him.

5 thoughts on “Exploring The Media Arts Resources at LCC with Jacob Adams

  1. Krista`

    I love that you did selfie’s for this project!! Even though my take was creative, I would have never thought of putting myself into the photos! Great job!

  2. Alex Garcia

    I like the concept of the selfies because that’s what I ended up doing for some of my last shots but I didn’t go through with it unlike you did. So I like these shots a lot.

  3. Daegan Cornelius

    Love the expressions you give in your photos and the clever idea to take selfies, the one of the sculpture really caught me off guard. Also shout out to me in your one photo.

  4. Dalton W Trim

    I like the personal selfie blog post! It’s nice to see the smiles around Lane from both students and staff. Nice work i can’t wait to keep up with you and your high energy this term.

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