The Adventures of Toon Link at LCC

1. Equipment Checkout

As a new media arts student at LCC, Toon Link had to get the proper tools from equipment checkout.

2. The “Blue Cyc Wall”

Toon link found the big blue wall and is excited to learn what it is used for.

3. Center for Student Engagement

“Never be afraid to get involved at your school!” – Toon Link (probably)

4. Art Gallery on Campus

Toon Link loves art and seeing the different art exhibits that Lane CC has to offer!

5. Art-o-Mat

Supporting student work is a great investment! Toon Link had no idea something like Art-o-Mat existed.

6. Reference Center

Toon Link makes sure to utilize campus resources, like the library!

7. Health & Wellness Building

Toon Link had a hard time finding the health and wellness building, but he is glad to know where it is now!

8. Ingram’s office

Ingram seemed busy when Toon Link visited.

9. Media Creation Lab

Toon Link was happy to find out that more computers in the library have access to the Adobe Creative Suite–not just this lab!

10. Judy Gate’s Office

Toon Link always makes sure to check in with his academic advisor every term! He also made some friends in Judy’s office.

11. Teresa’s Office

Teresa wasn’t in her office when Toon Link came by.

12. The Student’s First Building

Toon Link knew where this building was because this is where he started his journey at Lane!

13. Stuck in Transit

After a long day of school, Toon Link is excited to get home. He just has to make sure he takes the right bus!

4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Toon Link at LCC

  1. Alex Garcia

    I really liked your approach to this project. It shows that you really took the time to gather all the shots necessary and it shows. Also I like that you chose Toon Link, very cool.

  2. Daegan Cornelius

    The fact the the figure looks so curious really pulls these images together. I appreciate the thought put into it and the stories on each photo.

  3. Dom Moulton

    Great idea using a Toon Link amiibo to complete this scavenger hunt. I love the use of him as a centerpiece for all of the locations you were able to capture. It really was an exciting adventure!

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