Hide-outs for Media Arts Students at Lane

The beauty of life is that you don’t have to be the best, just attempt to be!
I see a bird, I see a plane, I see a…………………
Art is life, life is beautiful, beautiful is the things you make.
Screw the candy machine!
If don’t know, now you know.
No Art Was Made From Happiness!
The advisors and councilors at Lane are AMAZING!
This is the hub of life for students in the media arts!

This is where I spend a lot of my free time (study time). With computers that have all the software that one needs at your fingertips. The world is endless as the journal through multimedia begins.

For all students who plan on making a life out of their teachings, have to see the genie in the bottle!
No words needed!

An amazing teacher, an enthusiastic and energetic personality, and one of the most helpful and easy going mentors.

No Nation Too Big Or Too Small!

Flags of all design. I love flags, in all different colors and patterns ad designs.

The wild turkeys that roam the tundra of the great Lane Campus!

The turkeys that come around Lane are fun and loud and don’t care who you are, they run this town!