Dino’s Revenge

For this video I decided to try a genre of film I haven’t done before; comedy horror. My goal for this project was to start with more comedy from the toy Dinos not being taken seriously and then slowly build my way up to a suspenseful ending. My original video was way too long so I had to shorten it, and honestly I like the new and improved shorter version a lot better than the original. In my original video there was a sharp contrast in terms of the speed and pacing of certain scenes, some felt boringly long while others felt so short your could almost miss what happened. That was definitely not what I wanted! After updating, the pace is much more consistent throughout and everything necessary to the storyline was able to stay.

The most time consuming part was definitely creating props and filming, I’m actually planning on re-using some of the props for another film project involving the Dinos. My secret weapon of choice for getting the Dinos or their props to stay in place for more complicated scenes was poster putty! After scratching some old left over poster putty from my wall and realizing how effective it was, I bought some more of it and it worked great!

Some of the most frustrating parts while filming were when I had to get behind the camera. Although I was in theatre in high school, acting in front of a camera was something I had to adjust to. I found it difficult to focus on the movements, expressions, camera framing, and pacing all at once. Pacing was especially hard, because if my scene was too long even by a few seconds it would mean making cuts in other areas to keep the total running time in check. Moments where I had the most fun while filming involved the salt and spitball scenes, that was when I was able to see this idea that I had in my head really come to life before my eyes, which was a really exciting and encouraging feeling. Overall I’m super happy with the outcome!

By Miya Ott