Sp21-P6 Final Project

I had a bunch of fun writing this song in audacity. There was a lot of ups and downs through this project and I was worried about finishing it accordingly due to being tired, frustration, and sickness. But I think the journey was well worth the ride this term. This video ” ink on my fingertips” is about me and my development this course. I actually struggle with a lot of depression, and making content really helps make me happy. I took Basic design this term, after getting ink on my hand’s multiple times; I thought it would be poetic and mesmerizing to put that in a song.  I wanted to incorperate story telling from taking photography as well and use it in my song. So, I wrote about struggling with setting in manual and not getting it very quickly and making noise with ISO as a bit of a pun ironically while I was making noise in my microphone. Overall, this song sort of worked out as a trifecta because I was able to use the same concepts in my photography and basic design classes as well.  The Thumbnail on the YouTube video was used in my Photography final, as well as, the ending picture with ink on my fingertips. Although I didn’t technically incorporate the song in to my art class the same, it was the driving influence for both my photography and multi-media final. So, in the back of my mind, the basic design final for that class had to be great in able to make my other finals just as on par. But I loved every second of it. There were times when I thought I wasn’t going to complete all these finals but managed to pull it off some way or another. I can’t way to see what next term brings me.