P6 Final Project – Music To My Ears

This project was a hot mess. At first. I had created the entire video and ended up not liking any of it and scraping it. I restarted with the same idea and different execution. I completed the project once more, but once again, I didn’t like it and restarted. I finally got the story I wanted after a few tries and got those around me to be my talent. In this project, I wanted there to be a sense of continuity to create a story. The project was intended to ask the question, ” What is music to you?” and “Where does your mind wander when listening to it?” Music is a huge thing in just about everyone’s lives. It can help people study, be productive, bring people together, or even be a getaway. Essentially, music is very important in our lives and for me, music takes me to another place. I daydream a lot when I listen to music. I try to depict a scene in my head that would fit the music and would try and place myself in different scenarios based on the music I was listening to. Music has put me through a lot of rough times in my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. I made the project ask this question because It usually generates interesting answers. Go ahead and ask yourself, “What is music to you?” I hope this story can be both fun and interesting for the viewer. It is pretty cut and dry, but I think the world of music can create an impact bigger than most people realize. Overall, I learned a lot about filming during this project and I can’t wait to continue this practice. I hope many of you feel the same. Thank you for a great term!