P6 Final Project

I wanted to try and create a simple 2D animation in Adobe After Effects. Unfortunately, I did not have as much time as I would have liked which is why it lacks sound and was not even finished in time. It is very rough around the edges but I learned a lot in the making of this. The robot characters were created by me in Photoshop, although it would have been better if I made them in Adobe Illustrator. The background images were found on the internet. My original plan was to have more movement and even parallax with moving backgrounds and foregrounds for a sense of depth. I also planned on having an entirely different design for the attacking robots but could not do so due to my extremely poor planning. At the very minimum, I did get to test out an idea I had that sparked this entire idea which was to animate shapes by rotating them around their anchor points. I think it suited the movement of the robots fairly well. This project also tested me in how I can simplify things. The robots’ design could have easily been more complicated with more shapes and a varied color scheme but their simple black shapes with white outlines look quite good in my own opinion. If I were to do this project again I would make a better plan of action in order to tackle the multitude of challenges that will arise in a more effective way. If I had firmly established the pre-production phase then it would have been a far better end product. While this end result is underdeveloped it serves as a reminder to set realistic expectations and make absolutely certain that a proper schedule is followed to make sure that a fully developed product is achieved.