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Sp21-P4 Audio-Bryson Edlund

My story is a young man who recently graduated from college for biology, human diseases, and research. He got a accepted into a made up company called ISR center (Independent Science Research) for his career to begin. He is really excited for this position and that he would be working on helping everyone around the world with all the disease in the world. So what he is doing video diaries on what is going on, he wasn’t able to get a haul lot of them because he and his team at a lot of work to do. He soon finds out that they reassigned him to a different division to finish a major project. Later on the head scientists reveal that they believe the human race could be facing a mass extinction. They needed everyone to understand and to be onboard when this, so they want to make a serum that will give humans a bust up in their DNA and genetics to evolve to the next stage so they can survive.

He was shocked about their beliefs, but he was still willing to do his best to help out. They had a large team finishing up the serum and after running all of the main tests to prepare it for human trials. After they got several volunteer’s, while checking through all of their files he discovered that they all have been taken against their will. He started to worry for his life because this wasn’t what he thought it was. He just continued to do what he does best. Later on the serum proved to be very affective, it actually did a lot more than they all predicted. Although a good things don’t last furlong. The serum caused major side effects. All of the patients transformed so much they look like monsters now.

this project was really fun for me, I was very thankful I got to do a scary themed audio.

A Lifetime of War – SP21-P4 Audio

This audio was an idea created based on a show that I am watching. It features a conversation between two young kids that met at a post during a war. The main voice is the young boy describing his reason for joining the war and the hardships he faced. At a very young age, he watches his mother die and his anger slowly turns him to the military. I was trying to create a fun and interesting short story while expressing some emotion that the main character felt during explaining the story to his comrade. I tried to imply that the second voice (forgive my bad pitch shifting, I tried haha) was new to the war and hadn’t seen the horrors of fighting like the main character. The main character has been scarred at such a young age and has become insensitive to killing because of his blinding rage. I hope this story is easy to follow and the sound effects are identifiable/have sufficient volume or quality. I was planning on using Premiere Pro but decided to give Audition a try because I’ve never used it before. I actually really enjoyed using the program and thankfully had no problems working it. I had a lot of fun looking for sound effects and using them to create a more interesting story. Some of the sword fights have clinking sounds of sword colliding and each hit is a different sound file. It was cool to create mini scenes using multiple small audio files to replicate fighting.

Also, I accidentally went past 3 minutes. It was almost past 4, so I had to cut some parts out. I couldn’t take much more out without taking away from the story.

Sp21-P4 Audio- My Childhood Fairytale

I am so happy that I created my favorite childhood story and I got to show everyone this work. As a child I really enjoyed reading books, this may been because my mother and father would try to read to me each night before bed. One of my favorite bedtime stories would be this story. Although the rabbit was talented and had all the fittings to be a champion, despite that his arrogance made him lose the race when he decided to sleep during the race.

Also in this story, Aesop shows us how pride can be very unpleasant and sometimes even harm ourselves. For example when Aesop says: “Rabbit ran down the road for a while and then and paused to rest. He looked back at Slow and Steady and cried out, ‘How do you expect to win this race when you are walking along at your slow, slow pace?’. rabbit stretched himself out alongside the road and fell asleep, thinking, ‘There is plenty of time to relax.’ This shows me how the hare was mocking slow and steady because of how slow he was going. The rabbit thought that he would have enough time to rest and relax, while the tortoise caught up. This story always remind me of everything I do in my life such as, I should not finish my homework in the last minute, go to school early and I will not be late for the class, etc. The theme this story, it is a feeling that we all get every once and a while. There is something about pride that can make us feel like we are just on top of the world. Although this feeling can be nice it can also be extremely horrible. That’s why every moment in life we should be cautious.

My motivation for this audio project accelerated when I caught the idea of storytelling, and luckily for me, I found my sound effect online without any copyright. I created this with audacity and I use my friend voice (otherwise the story could be really slow). I made the theme like the forest sound background because I want my audience to feel like they’re in the moment. Also another thing that I’m proud of is that I learned audacity for the first time but I think it turned out pretty good!

Let me know how was your fairytale be like !?……

Roadtrip Nation P3

Ben Burtt: Sound Engineer

It’s important to have clear goals in mind…but you can always change a goal. There’s no need to suffer if something isn’t working out.” -Ben Burtt

  • Originally studied to earn a bachelor degree in physics and wanted to be a part of the moon-landings, instead he became a part of Star Wars.
  • He gave up on his first attempt to go to film school at USC due to uncertainty.
  • Eventually back to film school at USC in order to become a sound engineer, which is where he got the opportunity to create the iconic breathing sound effects of Darth Vader and the lightsabers used in Star Wars.
  • Went on to work on the productions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the Indiana Jones series, E.T the Extra-Terrestrial, WALL-E, and Star Trek.

Sp21-P3 Roadtrip Nation-Melvin Stratis

Magnus Walker
Graphics Designer, Auto Detailer, and Porsche Collector. Magnus Walker

Kinky Friedman
Songwriter, Politician, and Motivational Speaker. Kinky Friedman

Jake Bryer
Artist, Entrepreneur chooses his passions for art over money.

RoadTrip nation-Bassi

Moreformation :

For my road trip nation report, I chose to write about one of my favorite Roadtrip nation blog named Tina Roth-Eisenberg. She’s a graphic designer. When she was young, She convinced her parents to send her to art school for one year; she was happier than she’d ever been because she went to a business school before. After the degree of graphic design student, her life’s change a lot because she’s a designer of her own business name swissmiss brand. This actually gave her a leg up as a level designer. In her interview she mentions that   “ If there’s a will, there is a way” really motivated educational paths for everyone that does not believe in them-self.

Road Trip Nation – Jimmy Chin

  • Grew up thinking he had three career options: doctor, lawyer, or businessman.
  • His parents pushed him into getting a degree, studying violin, swimming competitively, but skiing and climbing were passions he found for himself.
  • Lived out of the back of his car, traveling, climbing, and working odd jobs for seven years.
  • One day, his photographer friend let him play around with his camera; the one photo he took ended up selling for $500.
  • He realized he could easily make a living and maintain his outdoor lifestyle by pursuing photography.
  • His parents, who’d been hesitant to accept his unorthodox career, eventually became the biggest fans of his photography.
  • Says that only by really throwing himself into his passion-climbing-did the doors to his career start to open up.
  • Believes his liberal arts degree in Asian Studies has actually been put to good use on his expeditions to remote places like Nepal and Pakistan.


RTN-Jimmy Chin Report

Wayne Unten – Animator

Animation Supervisor who has ben working for Disney since 2005

“For some time, he’d work on a construction site during the day, then painstakingly animate his reel at night.”

“Went through a period where he questioned what he was doing, why he was putting two years of work into a two-minute payoff.”

“Says that although the “value” of his work has been questioned, making an audience laugh or cry is the best feeling in the world.”

by: Riki Stewart

Road trip Nation By:Shaymus Marshall

    In this roadtrip nation interview they interviewed Rex Grignon, a head computer animator who worked for Dreamworks. I chose this story in particular because it is basically the opposite spectrum of my story. For example he was always into math and science in high school while I was never into math, I was more interested in the arts and learning new skills related to art. Although I am very different in terms of upbringing I would like to achieve the same goals as Grignon. This relates to this quote that Grignon said during one of his interviews “ There are an infinite number of pathways you can take to get to your goal.” This quote really resonated with me because I see a lot of people in the vfx/ animation industry with high levels of math/engineering degrees and knowing that you don’t need to have those to make it in the industry.

    Rex’s day to day life includes overseeing the animation department of Dreamworks and helping with the big parts of the animation process. In one of the interview clips he says that he still feels like a kid every day because he loves his job so much. I really would like to feel this way with my job because it seems like such a good way to live your life. Grignon almost didn’t have the opportunity to become someone big in the animation industry because he almost wasn’t accepted into the school that would teach him how the animation industry works. Shortly after he got out of film school he got at job at PDI and started a character animation team. After the creation of the character development team he heard that “Toy Story” was in the works and left PDI to go work with PIxar. Then after this, Dreamworks picked Grignon up and he has been with them since then.

In conclusion, since Rex has been working at Dreamworks he has worked on big movies like Toy Story, Antz, and Shrek. Grignon is a huge inspiration to me because he seems like a very real person who believes that anything is possible with hard work and even though he came from a background of math, you don’t need to come from a prestigious background to do well in the industry. And with that he assures that there are infinite possibilities as long as you set your mind to what you want to get done.

By:Shaymus Marshall