A Lifetime of War – SP21-P4 Audio

This audio was an idea created based on a show that I am watching. It features a conversation between two young kids that met at a post during a war. The main voice is the young boy describing his reason for joining the war and the hardships he faced. At a very young age, he watches his mother die and his anger slowly turns him to the military. I was trying to create a fun and interesting short story while expressing some emotion that the main character felt during explaining the story to his comrade. I tried to imply that the second voice (forgive my bad pitch shifting, I tried haha) was new to the war and hadn’t seen the horrors of fighting like the main character. The main character has been scarred at such a young age and has become insensitive to killing because of his blinding rage. I hope this story is easy to follow and the sound effects are identifiable/have sufficient volume or quality. I was planning on using Premiere Pro but decided to give Audition a try because I’ve never used it before. I actually really enjoyed using the program and thankfully had no problems working it. I had a lot of fun looking for sound effects and using them to create a more interesting story. Some of the sword fights have clinking sounds of sword colliding and each hit is a different sound file. It was cool to create mini scenes using multiple small audio files to replicate fighting.

Also, I accidentally went past 3 minutes. It was almost past 4, so I had to cut some parts out. I couldn’t take much more out without taking away from the story.

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