Sp21-P4 Audio-Bryson Edlund

My story is a young man who recently graduated from college for biology, human diseases, and research. He got a accepted into a made up company called ISR center (Independent Science Research) for his career to begin. He is really excited for this position and that he would be working on helping everyone around the world with all the disease in the world. So what he is doing video diaries on what is going on, he wasn’t able to get a haul lot of them because he and his team at a lot of work to do. He soon finds out that they reassigned him to a different division to finish a major project. Later on the head scientists reveal that they believe the human race could be facing a mass extinction. They needed everyone to understand and to be onboard when this, so they want to make a serum that will give humans a bust up in their DNA and genetics to evolve to the next stage so they can survive.

He was shocked about their beliefs, but he was still willing to do his best to help out. They had a large team finishing up the serum and after running all of the main tests to prepare it for human trials. After they got several volunteer’s, while checking through all of their files he discovered that they all have been taken against their will. He started to worry for his life because this wasn’t what he thought it was. He just continued to do what he does best. Later on the serum proved to be very affective, it actually did a lot more than they all predicted. Although a good things don’t last furlong. The serum caused major side effects. All of the patients transformed so much they look like monsters now.

this project was really fun for me, I was very thankful I got to do a scary themed audio.

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  1. Riki Stewart

    It really does sound like a normal scientist recording audio on a whim. Then there is the build-up to the ending that was full of tension that was done very well.

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