Sp21-P4 Audio

I was trying to go for something that acknowledged the use of text to speech voices. I wanted to have a dialogue between these two different voices discussing the nature of what it means to be real. I envisioned the setting as some sort of void where ideas turn into voices and speak. This was indicated by the whispering voices that sometimes arrived and left. It took a while to try and get all of the words in the right order. I recorded the text to speech voices saying their lines all at once. With that, I quickly learned the hotkey to split apart the different audio clips to get a cohesive conversation that somewhat flows. I originally did not plan on having a sound effect for whispering until the thought occurred to me until I had almost all of the audio clips properly formatted. I did plan to have music that would play in different parts of the conversation but I thought that would be too distracting. I took note of how podcasts have the dialogue between people as it is with maybe some music breaking it up from time to time which I substituted for whispering to reinforce the idea of thoughts with voices.

By Riki Stewart

2 thoughts on “Sp21-P4 Audio

  1. Miya Ott

    I found the script you created to be really captivating to where I didn’t notice the lack of music that you mentioned in your blog post. I really liked the use of whispers to convey other thoughts, and I thought it was a really nice finish for it to end abruptly the way that it did after the last sentence. Really cool idea and great execution!

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