oliviavangorden 2015-06-03 22:29:10

Although I was interested in maybe collaborating or coming up with a different idea than what I did in P5, it seemed that fixing up what I did in P5 would not only be satisfactory in seeing more of what I intended originally as well as quicker. I meant to have all these images lined and colored, but clearly time was not on my side for coloring. In the end I did my best to make sure the P6 version’s lines were as nice as I could manage before heading onto the audio to fix how quiet the music was on the P5 version. most of the files I was working with did not save properly, but since I have the root elements such as the sound files for the music and voice I could re-work what I had done previously. Which luckily posed no major challenge having already been familiar with Youtube Movie Maker and Audacity. This project really makes me appreciate all the videos people make with animation or still images with all the effort and time it can take.