A SuperHero and His Companion

For my media arts project six I had the idea to create a short batman film. Keeping it short and sweet while making sense was the challenge here. I went with Batman Gets a cat. I began with a written story followed by seven shots drawn into a storyboard sequence. I used shadows to portray the story. My equipment included a T3i Camera, Ari Light Kit, MD80 Recorder, and gels for color. I also had a monitor to see my composition while I worked. The hardest part was setting up shots. Placing characters into positions that made sense was difficult. For post production I used adobe premiere. Putting audio with the film was fun. I also enjoyed the colors used to portray mood. I hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “A SuperHero and His Companion

  1. Olivia

    Real nice story an narration, maybe the end was a bit long, but I really enjoyed this video.

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