Disc Golf

IMG_6612     I decided to do a little informative video on Disc golf. I don’t play myself but I’ve always been interested and wanted to play disc golf. So i asked my buddy if he would help me with my video. So I checked out some equipment and we were off. We definitely had some hickups along the way. I forgot the battery for one of the cameras on the first day of shooting. Then we got into an arguments over shooting and different shots (I think the heat and frustration was to blame). Then after all that the last day of shooting we had to dodge the rain. Go out and shoot what we could, then come inside and wait for the rain, then do it all over again. It was annoying but luckily the last 2 hours of shooting the clouds and rain went away just long enough for us to finish. I learned alot from doing this shoot and I would do it all over again for that reason.

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  1. Marla

    Aaron ~ Nice job. Thanks for introducing me to the nuances of Disc Golf. Who knew there were different discs for specific purposes?

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