An Extended View

IMA-Sp16-Grey,Brady-P6 Final Project.

It’s came to that time of the term were we give are last piece of work. I wish I could continue on with the making of videos with my drone, because this class gave me a great reason to use it for video making. I never really used it for actual projects, but as for just a fun hobby. I loved all the chances I got use it for school on the last two projects. After taking this class, I feel the motivation from what I have learned not to stop, but to continue in using the drone to create better angles and views for future class video work, or even maybe as career.

I really think editing the footage from what I have done was the fun part. Seeing it on a phone then putting it on a larger screen, and editing it seemed to be the most amazing part for me. With the footage from the fish-eye type lens from the gopro, and the 2-axis gimbal really did all the work. The gimbal stabilized the footage, while me the crazy flyer could fly the drone,

This last project(5) took a great time in editing. After getting the video timed just right with the music. I couldn’t let the video end short, so I thought for the final project that I would just continue to shoot at the same time of day in order to get that sense of evening feel for the video. I continued with more video shots at different locations, to make it an extended length film. In the editing process, I did have pretty good idea on the changes I wanted to do from the last one. I made sure that all the scenes blended together, and didn’t just change from evening, to mid-daylight. I wanted to do crazy angles with drone, but I’m still kind of a beginner with it, I wish I could have just bit my tong and went for it to get low ground flying shots. Maybe in the future once I’m more capable of maneuvering it. It will happen!

Thank you guys for watching, and I hope you all enjoy it.



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  1. Isabelle Havet

    I love the atmospheric quality of your video. The quality of light is very arresting, and it was fun learning about the choices you made in terms of shooting and editing. Seeing the train speed by at a right angle as we moved closer at a different speed was slightly disorienting–in a good way, since we’re flying and should feel disoriented! Very cool.

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