Playtime at the Hill House

    So here it is.  A project that had many transformations.  Originally the plan was to make a promotional video up at Dorris Ranch, set in the 1800’s.  And it worked.  But as I toured the property, on such a dark day.  My mind wandered with gloomy fantasies.  The scent of old tar covered wood, creaking boards, and dark abandoned houses gave a recipe for a horror.

     It was great when this idea came to me on the ranch.  Then all my filming followed suit.  I would really try to get close to surfaces, so its age would show thru.  Giving the viewers a much more interactive experience, that they were there too.  Driving home the creepness thru texture and light.  Ironically  Dorris Ranch is a  place that is set for families, weddings, and field trips. Too then flip that notion it on its ear, was the fun part.

 That is the beauty of this class.  Our assignments are very vague with small parameters. Giving us the opportunity to dream and create.  Your imagination should never have restraints and I am happy that our projects didn’t either.  Coming to Lane initially I had photography on my mind, but after this class and my first experience with Premier, it’s videography that really inspires me.