Time to Go

We, as a class, have come to the end of Spring term. At long last, Summer has arrived. I wanted to go out with a bang with my final project; maybe even leaving an impression on the viewer. I decided to make an inspirational/motivational video. I’ve been on a never-ending journey of self improvement.

A couple years ago, I found my self in a state of dissatisfaction, unhappy with my stagnation in life. I decided to jump back into school and increase the tempo of my spirit. For preparation for a life at Lane, I committed myself to a 90 day challenge of hiking Spencer’s Butte. For 90 consecutive days, I hiked up that butte, without equivocation. In order to complete my task, I sought motivation from this thing called “the internet.” The website, Youtube, provided me with more than enough motivation. Two speakers in particular, Eric Thomas and Les Brown, lit a fire under me and helped me believe in the greatness inside of me.

One of my favorite videos is from Eric Thomas, titled “How Bad Do You Want It?” The story was strong and relatable. I decided to replicate his story of a young man, striving to become a National Football League player. My actor was, a high school friend, Jon McKane. I captured a compilation of eight second video clips using my Canon T5 with the kit lens. McKane did some floor exercises outside, went on a jog, and hiked up Spencer’s Butte. I used a variety of perspectives. I captured first person views using a GoPro and my Canon T5. I was able to capture third person view, also, using the my Canon T5. I used a climatic series of clips, near the end, switching from T5, GoPro and a variety of angles. The series adds dynamism and puts the the view at the top of the butte.

I hope the video is enjoyable and resinates with many.

“Success is never on discount! Greatness is never on sale! Greatness is never half off! It’s all or nothing! It’s all day, every day! Greatness is never on discount!   –Eric Thomas



Jeffery King Osborns