P6 Final Project


So my first idea for this project was a horror story told from the perspective of a silent protagonist with his girlfriend camping in the woods. I had talent and dates all set up and the day of everyone cancelled. Well without a backup plan I was kind of stuck in limbo. I went to a skatepark looking to get some cool videos there but there was not much action going on. I emailed Teresa, and she helped me decide on a cool idea that did not need me to rely on talent.


I decided on having my final be a slide show rather than a video. I could edit photos in ways that could change how they are viewed. My story is about someone who goes out randomly for a hike one night. I use captions to kind of translate what the guy is seeing and thinking about. The story ends with a view of the sunset much brighter and happier than the otherwise dark story. I think the pictures turned out well after I had edited them to look dark and dreary. It was hard to find the right pictures that could be edited but did not look completely overdone. I tried to avoid taking pictures of where the sun was peeking through so I would not have to edit around it in post.

I am still working on my skills with a camera, I think  making a video and dealing with talent would have been fun but I could not control others showing up or helping. Hopefully in the future I get more chances to write and make cool videos. I did struggle a bit with scrambling for an idea after people cancelled on me so next time I hope I would be more prepared


Brandon Craft