P4 Audio Jurnee Mickelson

By: Jurnee Mickelson

For this assignment, I wanted to tell one of Aesop’s Fables, “ The Bear & The Bees ”. These short stories are intriguing and interesting to read. I wanted to find one that had wildlife characters, and an environment in the forest. I also chose “ The Bear & The Bees “ because it was a Fable that I hadn’t heard before and wanted to learn something new along with this project. My ultimate goal with this P4 Audio project was to tell this story using dialog, including environmental sounds and give the listener a more immersive listening experience. Adobe Audition is super new to me, and I had a great time playing around with the program for this assignment. There is still so much  to learn and utilize in Audition and I look forward to improving my audio work. The audio effects and ambient noises I used were all free, non copyrighted audio downloads on freesound.org. They range from sounds like ambient forest/field sounds, with birds chirping in the background, a swarm of bees flying around and darting near the microphone, to a cannonball splash sound effect to enhance the section of the fable that talks about the bear evading the bees by jumping into the water. The Sound Cloud bear photo is also non copyrighted and free to download. Overall I feel like I understood this assignment and learned more about audio editing programs.