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Project 4 Audio

The Fox and the Cat – a Short Audio Project


20140704-cat fox best

In this small project I recorded, using Audacity, my narration of one of Aesop’s many fables, titled “The Fox and the Cat”. I also included background music and sound effects to enhance the story, courtesy of The process of creating the project took some figuring out, but it did not take long to get the basics down. I was always interested in Aesop and the methods he used to teach people, and of how simple yet powerful his fables really were. This particular fable’s mural caught my eye: that better one safe way, then many others that you cannot reckon, meaning it’s better to pick from one safe choice than from many other choices that you are unsure of… at least that’s how I interpreted it. Hopefully my mediocre voice acting in this project does not cause your ears to bleed.


Time Jumpers audio comic Project 4

Scan 3

Wow! I wish the voices sounded better! The awesome microphones on the mac sound like a fork in a garbage disposal.

This is me fooling around with audio for a project in my tech class. I decided to do one based on a rough draft of Time Jumpers, a comic book I’m developing. I would yell louder in the video, but we were in a hallway near the paper thin wall connecting to the library. (Yay college!)

I will be doing storyboards for My animation BossFight at the end of the term, until then I will be giving update about my comic frequently. (I hope)

Until then, I will be fooling around with more audio, and.. um.. other stuff!

Thanks everyone!

-Dakota TechKnight

P4 Audio


I am wont to use my own writing for projects like this. My first choice, a poem called “Marxist Bookstore, Chicago, 1962,” was actually too long. This one is a bit too short.

I wrote “My Crazy, Curly Son” when my #2 son was crazy and curly and two-years-old He is still crazy and curly, but is now 13-years-old and calls his older brother a jack ass hole. I had originally wanted to end this recording with a clip of them fighting. Of course, when I actually wanted them to be fighting, there were generally civil to each other and they gave me nothing to use. Hence the overuse of cloying music.

I first used Audacity for a Multimedia for Education class in 2007. It vexed me then, vexed me when I have used it since, and it vexes me now. I can hear in my mind’s ear what I want; getting there is another adventure.

Aesop Fable

I wanted to recored a fable because I like the stories of Aesop he was an Ancient Greek fabulist or story teller credited with a number of fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables. Although his existence remains uncertain and (if he ever existed) no writings by him survive, numerous tales credited to him were gathered across the centuries and in many languages in a storytelling tradition that continues to this day. Many of the tales are characterized by animals and inanimate objects that speak, solve problems, and generally have human characteristics. I could spend a great deal of time smoothing out my voice track, matching sound intensity, and creating better continuity in the track. As well as finding using high quality sounds I enjoyed this project even though I dislike my recorded voice. I can see how this kind of work can be compelling sound has such a tremendous effect on people can create such changes in mood.

The Gnat and the Lion

I had a lot of fun doing this project. My roommate did the Gnat voice for me, which took a long time because we both could not stop laughing. Adding sound was difficult, not because it was hard to do but because finding a sound that could be my Gnat. Sadly I was unable to find one so I settled for some bees buzzing around. If you want to read the fable you can go to I enjoyed do this project and accomplished everything I set out to do with it. Audacity is a program I will probably be messing with for a long time, because once you learn how to use there are a lot of awesome things you can do.

Hells Daily Specials

By: Shane Boss

Hells Daily Specials

This is a fun little audio file I made in Audacity for a class project.  It’s a story about a guy who falls into hell and meets the devil.  This project gave me the opportunity to play with the voice changing effects and other free sounds I found over at

 The voices of the two main characters are mine, though you can’t recognise my voice due to the changes I made.  I wanted to create something humorous being the nature of the theme is rather dark.  I had the chance to raise and lower my voice as well as add different pitch layers.  I made several revisions because I kept thinking of new things to add to make it more immersive and interesting.  I wanted to paint a mental picture of the story using sound effects.  It was a pretty fun project and I can spend a lot of time diving into creative projects such as this.  I have been using Audacity for the past four or five years as a hobby, making and enhancing sounds for video games.  Mainly for the NCAA Football video games, creating stadium sound effects, importing my own marching songs, enhanced crowd volume and sounds unique to Autzen Stadium.

Overall I like the results of what I was able to come up with.  The story I made is taken from a punchline joke, toppled with the sound effects, I am happy with the results.  It demonstrates the abilities Audacity has and the fun things you can do with a free program.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who is into creating sounds or mixing songs together.

P4 fun w/ audio

I have always found folktales and myths to be kinda universal but with their own regional twists. Werewolves have been seen in almost every light now. From terrifying beasts from hell to tween heartthrobs. I always associated with the Faoladh of Irish mythos because that is how I have lived my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been frightening to strangers even when in the midst of an act of kindness. Not to mention the ever present issue of deciding between the primal nature of the wolves and your own humanity. I have always enjoyed Halloween because it is a chance to see different takes on myths and legends and maybe catch a glimpse of a real one. Just one of the many things that I think of when I take my moonlit walks. Happy Halloween to all the indigenius people out there.


Thanks to Reinder88 for the pic and Nox Arcana for the awesome Halloween music.

P4 Audio – Theron Paul

For this assignment i was trying to get a halfway decent recording using Audacity. This was the first time i had ever recorded something and i think it came out really well. It took a little while to learn Audacity, figure out how to cut,copy,and remove tracks then paste them back in without to many “Bumps”. I had to do the recording a few times, as i kept messing up, but after a few runs i finally got it down in the manner i wanted it (which was supposed to be sort of dark and dreary). I hope it comes across that way at least a little bit. I had a lot of fun finding the few sounds i needed and even recorded the alarm from my own very irritating alarm clock.


This isn’t my alarm clock by the way…..mine is much smaller…and I’m sure it’s much more annoying. Anyways here is the audio track. Hope its at least slightly entertaining.