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I liked this blog because they are bring together many cultures to celebrate and enjoy art.  It is very diversified with many exhibits around the world.  New york ,Venice, Bilbao as well as many international exhibitions.  I believe art is universal part of all of us.  I loved the picture of the Guggenheim Museum.  What an amazing example of light in architecture.

The Guggenheim Museum in Balboa had a collection they were showing in September.  There was a great exhibit which featured one of my favorite artist Marc Chagall.  The painting was titled through the window.  What a balanced use of bright colors with a quality of mystery.  The painting was made in  1913 an oil on canvas.  Chagall’s life and early childhood experiences influenced many of his paintings.

The New York Museum is very active in connecting communities.  One such outreach was called under the same sun.  It was a great out reach to the Latin American community.  Children were encouraged to paint their impressions of what they saw on their visit.

In all they have many programs including literary performing arts and featured artist integrating education and technology. I picked this site  because It is what I want to do with my art bringing people together.  I want to teach children to express themselves in an artistic way.  I have seen many children produce what I consider great art.  Some of them  lose that ability when they grow up .  So this is my mission to help people recapture the wonder of art.