Magical Game Time Professional Blog

My favorite blog is “Magical Game Time” by Zac Gorman. The reason I chose this blog is because I have been following Zac’s work for a long time! His works make me feel that magic feeling I used to feel when I played videogames. When I was little, I always felt immersed in everything I played. There was a certain feeling a new game brought to me, especially a Nintendo game. Reading Zac’s posts, seeing his artwork and reminiscing over old times is what Magical Game Time is all about. Not only do I love this blog, Zac is my role model too! I want to make the same curious and magical experience he brings to each piece. I want people to feel the same way I feel when they watch what I made. Plus, he also made a graphic novel based on a game my brother and I play all the time. If you like games and even good animation and charm, I highly suggest Magical Game Time. MGT is also expertly crafted and a joy to look at as well!

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