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Words To Ponder where all Wonder

Words, have power. We all know that. They can soothe, inspire, create, build confidence, start a smile, build a friendship and destroy.

When thinking about blogging as an assignment, it’s a little daunting when you think that everything you put online is there forever, and writing just for the sake of writing seems somewhat a waste of talent to just be building something that is in so many ways, static.

Now, while my ego will not allow me to do anything but my best when it comes to writing anything that someone might eventually see somewhere sometime somehow… I just want it to reflect that even though it is/was for a class, it is still as representative of the natural work done for a professional cause.

So, saying all that for what ever reason, here are a couple of WEB SEARCHES for some neat blogs that are pretty good and quite entertaining as well.

animation blog

animation blog

Their Blog is basically a online school learning atmosphere with “an introduction to digital painting and color composition for film and animation. With an emphasis on studying the works of old masters, students discover the process of how to deconstruct the picture plane through film studies, reproductions of master works, and the widely used- but often understated -industry standard technique of ‘Photoshoping.’

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Link Post


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Also, as a Photographer, I like other Photographer’s sites and Linda Costa has some great images! Check her out!


She loves taking pictures of London cities and surroundings.

Anyway, that’s it for now…

Seeya later-

Professional Blog Search

Hello, my name is Jose Theragood. I am a first year student at LCC. The name of the blog I chose is “Jhonnen Vasquez: MASTER OF CENTRIFUGAL BUMBLEPUPPY”. I am providing a hyperlink to Jhonnen’s tumblr site; Jhonnen Vasquez is the creative genius behind one of my favorite characters/shows “Invader Zim”. I have been a fan of Jhonnen’s edgy yet cute artstyle for some time now and have been curious as to what he has been up to lately. Jhonnen’s Tumblr site is a little bit Q and A, fan wishes and thoughts, and updates on projects Jhonnen is working on. I chose Jhonnen’s site because he is one of the biggest influences on my own personal artstyle. The site itself is rather simple and has links to various works by Jhonnen. There is also a link to a web store that has Jhonnen themed items. It is not an all inclusive “wiki” on Jhonnen and that is kind of the joy of this site. I am also providing a screen shot of the page. If you have never experienced the joy of “Invader Zim” I highly recommend and also check out Jhonnen’s other works.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.20.11 PM