Professional Blog

Professional Blog Search by Laura Hale

My research into a professional blog uncovered a disturbing lack of them at least in the fields I’ve been interested in. I discovered that it really depends on the field that the professional is in for there to even be a blog. Most of them use a website instead to present their profile, or use a combination of both.

For example, Robert Atkins Art

Robert Atkins

He presents his work as apart of the website as well as talking about events that he’s been to, people he’s worked with, and eventually yes you get to his blog so it is not specialized as a blog it’s also a portfolio.

A more focused web site would be Peggy Iileen’s photography site


Instead of words she allows the pictures to speak for themselves, so while it’s labeled as a blog, it’s more of a picture presentation while giving information about her business.

Josh Burcham’s portfolio


Now this is strictly a portfolio, there’s only a little bit about the artist himself, small announcements about events he’s going to participate in, but for the most part he’s presenting his skills as an artist.

For artists it seems that a picture based ‘blog’ as it were, speaks louder words than if they were to write, they have to keep their art up to date to ensure that they are still practicing and even improving on their skills.