P6 Final

By George Hendrickson

My experience with this project was as usual, a rocky start that ended with aspects that I’m happy with and proud of. I wanted to do something silly and fun with a kind of “shit post” quality if anyone is familiar with that. I also wanted to advertise a modern product through the lens of post-World War 2 ‘40s-‘50s America, and the strawman that was made of the Communist ideology during the Cold War. With all I’ve learned after this class and this project specifically, I’m actually excited about going back to this and other ideas to do them even better. I’ve also learned that there are several aspects of the directing chair that I enjoy, but I have a long way to go as far as things like thinking about how the camera shot will actually look, and how long it will actually take. I also learned good lessons about having a solid script to start and go off of, and balancing that with improv. So, I can let my actors have fun and put their own twist on the role I have provided for them. I’ve decided that there are aspects of both production and post-production/editing that I can have fun with. However, there are plenty of aspects with both that I do not enjoy, and I’m sure time will tell where I fit best with creating video content.