P6: Final project

I chose the topic related to beauty because one of my dream when I was a kid is becoming a Beauty Blogger/ YouTuber. This is the chance for me to look at my childhood dream again after a long time. “MANI 101: How to give someone a manicure!” is the idea came up with on my mind first because I feel the manicure in the US is kind of expensive compare the Asia area, that’s why if people know how to do a basic manicure for their lovers, it will less cost. This is the video about “How to” so it will be directed towards tutorial. Whether you’re practicing for your new salon business or just having a sleepover, knowing how to give someone else a manicure can help them feel relaxed and beautiful and help you hone a skill. Put on some music, grab your nail kit, and let’s get started.

By: Zoe