P6 Jordan Smith

By Jordan Smith

My final is a simple one and honestly I can’t say I am a fan of it. I wanted to try both acting, editing in a more involved way. I was hoping to also try more interesting methods of getting audio, namely attempting to get audio as a separate source but that quickly died as the stuff I would need were not at my disposal.

It wasn’t all shortcomings though, this was the first time in a while that I was directly being recorded in something and it went fine enough. The actual editing part I feel good about because it was the first time I used multiple lines of the audio track in an effective way. I also feel I hit a good audio blend with the barks in the background that it didn’t blast your ears except for the last one where it was kinda meant to be a bit loud.

I did have a few trip ups with Premiere that required me to figure it out in better detail but I got over those with a good bit of messing around.

Overall, I feel that I learned from this well and hope to be able to hone these skills in the background of my other classes.